Cool website. Looks like Fashion Photographer is displaying his portfolio which is pretty much every famous person you can think of. I saw Madonna, Heidi Klum, and a lot of really quality work. I am surprised this site is free.
Posted By: Dan_Gratlieb (72.153.159.×××), on Friday, December 29, 2006

The New David LaChapelle
This is the David LaChapelle of fashion runway and catwalk. Just my thoughts. Thanks. Marianne.
Posted By: Anonymous (67.191.19.×××), on Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Genii - Tampa FL
Great Shots.

Jackie U - NY
Truly Love Your Work

Erica R - Florida
Awesome Impressive Work, Much continued success to you always. You Rock.

Maren M - California
All lovely pictures. You should be proud. Kate and Adriana owe you one.

Shayn - NJ/NY/LA/Las Vegas

Cristen Troop - New Jersey
Your work is sooooooooo amazing!! I so wish I lived closer, Id love to work with you sometime! Kep rockin it! Kudos to you Andrew!

Steve Vernell - California
Wow excellent portfolio! Love to work with you. Keep up the excellent photography!!!

Greek-Italian Model - NewJersey
Great new photos Andrew, I love your work and check in often

Your work kick's a$$

Jays Photography - Iowa
I'm impressed with the beauty & style how you capture the moment.

Susan Moody - Tennessee
Outstanding! Would love to work with you sometime. I would be honored!

Monica Kalra - Ontario
I am in SHOCK. Amazing work!

AnnaMarie - New York
Richard Just love viewing your work!!

Mariah2006 - Missouri
Can not wait to meet you and have the privledge of shooting with you.

Michelle Aruz - Alabama how happy do I have to be!!!??? Let me know please and great work

barbie79 - Alberta
Wow great work

Mariah2006 - Missouri
love your work and would really love to work with you sometime.

Alan Meeks - Atlanta, Florida, Dallas, Miami, NYC
Gorgeous work you are so talented. Take care, one day we will work together.

Shaina Albizu - New York
Love your work

Vanessa L - Florida
I love your style. Would like to work with you sometime.

Felicia - Florida, LA, Chicago, Vegas
Very impressive portfolio, love your style!!!

Vogue - Stockholm

AnnaMarie - New York
You are a remarkable photographer

Baii - Minnesota
Your kewl beans

Brooklyn Addams - North Carolina
very impressive!!

Niamodel - Tennessee

Artisan Exposure - California
Great work, Andrew. Hope you'll post more soon.

Skye Connelly - Colorado
Love your work!

Antonia Bakalova - Georgia
Such an incredible port...

KarmasMelody - Florida
F N Fabulous

carlyerin - Texas
your portfolio is very diverse. I enjoyed looking at it- and I hope our paths cross one day.... our personalities will go together like peanut butter and jelly! :P

Dancer in the dark - Illinois
Oh My God I love your photo's! I'm so envious of you!

Cherie Bell - Missouri
I hope we cross paths on my way to success. I would really like to work with you in the future.

Matthew Cousins - Illinois, California, Missouri
Great work my friend, can't comment on them all I would run out of words. Excellent images....

Romaeio Mario - Ontario
love your models and shots

Sarah Morrison - Florida
I most certainly love your work. Im not just saying that. its nice to see some professional work, just something for us amateurs to gain ideas and inspiration from.

Kara S. Leung -California
Glad to have your professional presence at this site, and to have such a great attitude and approach to everyone.

HeatherElizabeth - Michigan
I love your portfolio. Absolutely amazing work.

nicci -Ohio
I love your profile

Cynthia Marie -New York
You have one of the best ports on MM!

Veena J - District of Columbia
Amazing have had the chance to work with some of the world's best and I'm glad to have had to chance to see some of what you've done...thanks for showing your images to us!

Lynzie - Kentucky
Andrew Your works leaves me flabbergasted!!! Speechless!

Amrit Manhas - BC
Nice Work!

Kim Gorenko - Ontario
I can cook, clean and eventually make babies!!!! I also photograph pretty well...pick me!!!!

AmericanBeauty - New Jersey
Nice work! :-)

Shawna Clark - Moscow, Lewiston Idaho
Great work...LOVE it :-)

Leyah - Minnesota

KittKatt - California
Surreal and Amazing Work!!! These models are so lucky to have you!

Eternal Love - British Columbia
Awesome work!! I would love to get the chance to work with you sometime.

Margarita - California
Impressive work :)!

Milenka - California
Great work!!! Very impressive.....

Rebecca Miller - California
very beautiful

Nicky Darker - South Yorkshire
I like all you shots, creative and fun.

Master Image Photograph - San Diego,Hollywood,
Love your work, respect your time in the seat as it were....

Cheri1 - Ohio
You are an impath!

Jorge P - New York
Nice work

Mike Brouwer -Michigan

naomimarie - Tennessee
Fantastic work

Rosa Delis Ogando - New York
Oustanding work. Would love to work with you someday.

Aleta Pardalis - Florida
gorgeous work

Zunaphoto - Ontario
Really nice, the experience shows in your grabs. Excellent!

geostudio - Alabama
You are unique. A deep gentleman and a great artist.

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