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Posted by: Andrew Richard on Dec 31, 2002 at 11:09:10
Location: New York

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Carmen Electra

I was hoping you may find the following topic interesting and informative regardless of your stage in the talent / modeling / entertainment industry.

So many people have been shooting Black and White images I thought it would be nice to show you my feelings on Color and give you a few samples to boot.

I find Black and White photography to be great for an actress headshot, but lacking the modern feel thats so important in the fashion or glamour modeling industry.

Keep in mind every print publication (or 99 percent of them) publish in full color. Why then do so many models have books that are full of black and white images?

Some black and white images can look really artistic. Some can be great, and interesting, and can be used well in a scary or dark, or Femme-Fatale kind of look... But for the most part I like to approach black and white photography a bit differently... I shoot it on color film !!

Take a look at the image at left. Shot with Nikon N90S, Studio black background, 2 Crystal Clear Quartz Elinchrom 500 Watt lights 28-70 F2.8 Sigma EX lens at 28 MM. Fuji Fujichrome Provia 100F color chrome film.

Yes its a color shot. Dark hair, light skin, zebra striped $5.00 scarf picked up at some dump store on 14th street, Victorias Secret Lace Demi Bra, and a lot of feeling.

This is just as dramatic a shot as you could get from B/W film in the same setting. In my opinion its more valuable though.

This is a good fashion/glamour/lingerie shot... I think that most of you female models will find it to be a comfortable shot that you could do at home. I think you will find the shot to be not too sexy.. And something that a mom would approve for her model daughter.

It is however pretty sexy. I think very sexy.

Its great to have a model with good skin, few blemishes, and nice tone to work with, but this kind of shot can work even for models who have a more Avante Garde look as well, or a model with a Little Bo Peep look for that matter.

Along the same lines we have this shot at right with the Redken 5th Avenue baseball style cap which I find interesting and flattering as well both for me as the photographer and for Bianca my great model.

Again the shot is of course on color film, however the black and white feel it has is kind of nice as a hair shot, cosmetics shot, fashion, glamour, or sports and fitness shot (or at least I think so). Its sexy, and yet not too far out for the masses. Youll find similar shots with the top pulled down a little lower in fine art magazines and Playboy style nude work.

The high shoulder shrug is showing the collar bone area, cleavage, and neck in nice shadows, accentuating the models eyes, hair, and Redken Logo.

Tommy Lee And Pamela Anderson

Steven Tyler

I think this is a really simple but good addition to a models portfolio. Again showing your sexy and sultry side, but avoiding an oversexed low class look.

Sultry but not too low class. Thats a tough one. Work on it.

I have been and always will be working on defining my style and staying glamorous.

So we have looked at two "Black and White Shots" done on color film. A contradiction by definition, but a good way to throw a touch of color into your portfolio. All the color in these two shots comes from the models skin. It allows a viewer to concentrate on the model.

In this next shot I have really turned the tables around. Its still the models skin tone were interested in seeking however I have approached it a bit differently.

Stephanie James is seen here with a great long blonde lions mane of hair, with a lightly tanned back, and a very colorful background.

Take those pants, the artists painting, the wall backgound all together without the model and it would be a really nauseating shot. When we have the model with the smooth skin and blonde hair to offset the crazy colors, it settles the nerves, and succeeds in bringing our attention to the girl.

Though she is in a sea of color, its the model who makes the shot comfortable to our senses. (at least for a few minutes) The Model is Stephanie, the Wall mural is done by Wayne, and the $100.00 bill is done by artist Steve Kaufmant. Trousers by designer Ivy Supersonic. (unsure of butterfly tatoo artists name.)

Finally I want to throw in another studio shot we did recently again on color film, using as little color in the shot as possible to bring out the skin tone of the model.

The chrome handcuffs, the dark hair, the black leather, and a touch of red brick and lipstick is all we need to create a good dark look.

Notice however the reddish brown hair color is visible lit from above with hair lights.

A good sheen off the black latex gloves And a good reflection off the cuffs give it a cold and sharp look. The red lipstick matches the red brick fairly well, and the black leather wall matches the latex clothing. The colors are few. Black with a touch of red and chrome. This allows us to look at the reddish brown hair, and golden tan skin color. The lack of color helps the model by emphasizing her and focusing your attention at her blue eyes.

Well thats all for now. I hope you like some of the photos and I would love to hear from you about pro modeling issues.

New models are welcome to submit images to me for review by email, (color or B/W is fine! )

And models interested in testing... I am always available, but don't really trade prints for time. Sorry.

Andrew Richard

Heidi Klum


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