Choosing A Great Photographer©

"I know models are offered great jobs when they have great photos, but how do I find a great photographer if I am just starting out"?

This is a good question... and one that deserves answering.

You can look in the phone book if you need to find a good photographer...But if you want to find a great photographer the solution is only within you.

Great photographers will often not have the time to shoot with a newcomer (or they realize they cant  shoot without a publications financial backing)  and wont take you on because they will only illustrate their own lack of artistic direction and incompetence.

You can find more professional photographers on the web than those you may meet hanging out at teckie photo schools like NYU.I am not going to throw myself into that category, but I am also going to tell ya that I am always interested in shooting.

Here's the answer.

Are you a Hipster?

Stop procrastinating and just start shooting.

After you shoot with a dozen people you will know how to find a great photographer and a great photographer may just find you.

Get yourself out of bed, get out on the street and get a shooter to follow you around for a week.

After you shoot ten thousand shots you will be asking other questions about your career...Not how do I find a great photographer.

If you want you can start today... just shoot with a disposable camera, or an instant type thing. Get your boyfriends and girlfriends to take turns shooting you in good light.

Hold the camera steady, and do some of your modeling looks. Shoot ten thousand shots then ask yourself if you want to be a model. If the answer is still yes, then circulate your images, and photographers will find you.

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