Trash and Vaudeville - St. Marks Place New York City

Here's one of those New York City boutiques you just can't miss. I don't care who you are.... If you want things you can't find anywhere else stop into trash and Vaudeville.

Ever since I was a kid in high school I would venture down to the East Village in New York City rummaging through the record stores like Bleeker Bobs. There was always some trendy new British rock band playing in CBGB's on the Bowery and every trip to the village had to include a stop at Trash and Vaudeville. If you're in New York and have not yet been down to the store you owe it to your trashy side to make a visit.

Trash and Vaudeville has been a landmark in New York City since the pilgrims arrived (well not quite) and not only can you get those Joe Jackson boots, Elvis Costello shades, and the lavendar leather jacket you always wanted, you may even run into some celebrities.

Models and Stylists, Designers, Photographers and Agents are always popping in to find Trashy ideas with a Vaudeville flair for their projects. If you want to find Trash and Vaudeville for yourself it is located at 4 Saint Marks Place New York, NY 10003.

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