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If you paid a photographer for shots, you can do anything you want with them... Cant You?

Its customary for models to get shots to promote their modeling careers,therefore you dont need a contract that your photographer signs. If however, your intent was to sell a product, or to promote anything other than your career, then you must tell this to your photographer in advance, and have him or her sign a contract stating that they understand the intended use or the images.

We will never use, post, or ditribute any image of any model for the promotion of her career, or mine, without written consent and acknowledgement.

The only exception is the press work I do at the big events. These models, and celebrity models are public personalities, and it is acceptable to use their images to promote my photographic career.

One night I was hanging out with Helena Christensen and Mark Hutchinson. She was drinking a Rolling Rock Beer. I can post this image as Helena Christensen, but if I post it as Helena Christensen for Rolling Rock, or use just the name Rolling Rock Beer, I may get a law suit.

On the other hand if Rolling Rock wanted to use this image for a commercial ad, I can sell it to them, however they then must buy the rights to use the image from Helena as well..

Do ya get it ??? Although I own the copyright, Helena has final say over any commercial useage.

Your photographer owns the copyrights to your image. If you use them commercially the photographer must sign a release. Imagine if I had sent this shot to Helena as a gift, and she sold it to Rolling Rock for a million dollars. Thats ok, but as soon as they publish it as an advertisemenrt without my permission, I have the right to persue legal action against Helena, and Rolling Rock, just as she did in the first scenario...

Andrew Richard

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